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Letter to Editor

January 29, 2014

Resident grateful for Pearson, state reps. efforts to end Addison’s power outages

I have just read the Addison Township DTE article and wish to thank Bruce Pearson, Brad Jacobson and Jim Marleau for their efforts to obtain a resolution from DTE for the excessive electric service outages Addison Township continually endures.

I personally have had 26 outages in the past year and a half. When I contacted DTE on the outages, I asked what could be done, they said that they will be conducting a survey of the system and will inform me of the findings. I indicated when I spoke to DTE the system needed to have circuit isolation controls installed to stop the large area outages, they agreed. They never sent me a letter or communication on their findings or what will be done, that was in May of 2013. They informed me that because of the frequent outages I am eligible to receive a onetime $25 credit but I must request it. –HA- It costs over $6 per hour to run my generator.

It would be nice to see a law that directs utilities to be responsible for the actual fuel costs of running a generator for those times they fail to serve their customers. Because a cost borne by the consumer caused by the lack of appropriate action of the utility should not be. The utility may feel more pressure to act and correct the grid issues when it starts to cost them much more if they do not. As it stands right now a onetime $25 credit doesn’t make me whole, nor does it place a burden on DTE.

When tallying the dates and hours of the electricity outages we had during the past year and a half they come to a total of 318 hours that affected 32 days. Basically a month without continuous electric service! This is Totally unacceptable service in this age of smart meters, advanced technology and wireless communication.

Most disturbing and upsetting is the fact that there was a DTE plan to correct the grid 5 YEARS AGO but was denied due to cost! Why would an area be denied reliable electricity? There can be no reasonable answer for this decision, it has caused harm to the residents and businesses of Addison Township for the past five years; it is completely unacceptable putting lives at risk.

Hopefully DTE will correct the problem and in the future respond more expeditiously to the excessive outage areas (I am sure we are not alone) with long term fixes rather than patchwork.

It is the tireless efforts of Bruce Pearson that makes Addison township a great place to live. He has made frugal, smart decisions, generated good will and volunteerism and fought for what is right, fair and needed for the community. He is a true leader and example of good government, may we have more like him.

Ron Renaud

Addison Township