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Letter to editor

February 05, 2014

Offended by anonymous letter in mailbox

On Jan. 27, I received in my mailbox an unsigned open letter on the topic of the Oxford school district’s plans to build a dormitory for international students.

Although the letter is mostly a source of amusement, due to the bad spelling, terrible punctuation, and poor grasp of the facts – such as a fear that our schools might become a “government-run enterprise” – the letter also displays incredible shortsightedness.

The author of the letter rails against Governor Rick Snyder’s plan to bring foreign investment to Michigan, as though this were a bad thing, and also against the possibility of more exchange students attending school in our district.

The export services like education is exactly the sort of thing Michigan needs as its economy evolves beyond its historical focus on manufacturing.

Many parents in the fast-growing Chinese middle class have the desire and resources to give their children an education overseas and it speaks only good of our district that there is a demand for its services. In a constantly globalizing and integrating world economy, improving the ties between our town and China (and Mexico, and Russia, etc.) is vitally important and a source of future business contacts.

As a proud American who came to this country as an immigrant, I am personally offended by the letter’s implication that it is a bad thing for Oxford to “be the central hub for foreign students and the student’s (sic) parents to end up.” When my wife and I moved back to Michigan several years ago, the main thing that brought us to this community was the school districts commitment to the IB (International Baccalaureate) program in general and K-12 Mandarin instruction in particular. To turn our back on the world and call it “American” is ignorance and lunacy.

Rory Molinari