Source: Sherman Publications

Boys ski team finishes 2nd in division

by Trevor Keiser

February 12, 2014

The Holly/Oxford girls and boys varsity ski teams took to the slopes this past week in the Southeastern Michigan Ski League (SEMSL) Division Championships with the girls taking fourth in the division and the boys winning first place at the meet.

While the boys won the division championship race, Coach Phil Nimmo. said they lost the season tie-breaker with Grand Blanc, so they ended up finishing second overall.

“I couldn’t have asked for much better skiing this (past) week, however,” he said.  

Greg Schultz took first in the slalom with 56.69 and fifth in the GS with 50.30; Lars Joergens-Koka placed third in the slalom with 57.50 and first in the GS with 49.40; Zac Felix took fifth in the slalom with 1:00.09 and sixth in the GS with 50.33; Spencer Christen placed sixth in the slalom, 1:00.18 and 11 in the GS with 51.37; Dillon Sink took ninth in the slalom with 1:00.81 and ninth in the GS with 50.99; Tyler Kwapis placed 12 with 1:02.61 in the slalom and 21 in the GS with 53.23 and Aaron Johnston finished the boys off in 15 in the slalom with 1:03.73 and 32 in the GS with 1:17.14.

“After winning the meet this week, the boys were tied with Grand Blanc for first place due to the two-point loss earlier in the season. Normally, we score the top four racers from each team, but to break the tie we scored the fifth racer,” Nimmo said. “Unfortunately, we lost the tiebreaker to finish second in the division. So, they were pretty disappointed, but they are skiing really well. The Grand Blanc boys are a strong team as well, and both of us could be heading to the state finals in a couple weeks. Overall it was a good season in the Mt. Holly Division, but they are looking forward to making a run for states this week at Pine Knob.”

As for the girls skiers, Nimmo was proud.

“The girls skied well this (past) week. They have made a lot of improvements over the season and it was really evident at the (division championship),” he said.“They missed out on qualifying for the SEMSL Championships as a team, but overall skied very well.”

In the Slalom Emma Ford took eighth with 1:07.46. and finished sixth in the Giant Slalom (GS) with 53.75; Montana Toube-Whit took 13 in the slalom with 1:09.14 and 12 in the GS with 55.84; Sophie Que took 18 in the slalom with 1:17.25 and 21 in the GS with 59.31; Olivia Upham placed 23 in the slalom with 1:22.69 and 25 in the GS with 1:00.62; Katie Olkowski placed 25 in the slalom with 1:25.06 and 27 in the GS with 1:02.21 and Elise Ormiston placed 30 in the slalom with 1:34.95 and 30 in the GS with 1:13.69.

Overall, the girls finished fourth in the division. “I can’t be disappointed . . . They are a young team that made a lot of progress in a division that has a lot of talent,” Nimmo said. “This is one of the most competitive seasons that I’ve ever seen in the girls division. It obviously would have been nice to make it to the SEMSL Championships as a team, but the future looks good for the girls moving forward.”