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Andrea's Anecdotes A column by Andrea Beaudoin
Death by dog

by Andrea Beaudoin

February 19, 2014

In North Korea if you disagree with the “dear leader” one execution method is death by a pack of starved dogs. Thankful you don’t live in North Korea?

Although a bit of an extreme analogy, I wonder is America inching towards squashing freedom of speech. The evidence is everywhere.

Guess what America. “The leader of the free world” yes the US is now ranked 46th by Reporters Without Borders in the World Press Freedom Index. RWB cited NSA leaks and attacks on whistleblowers. America fell a whopping 13 spots in the index.

This is bad enough and does not even include attacks on the average citizen, reality star or politicians for some disagreeable remark they made.

Lately there is a definite attack on freedom of speech. Stories are abundant of individuals under attack for voicing their opinion or saying something some group doesn’t like.

I say oh well. I hope people keep talking and expressing their opinions. I hope people keep being whistleblowers when they discover something is not right. This is America—not some oppressed country that you dare not speak up for fear of retribution.

If I don’t like your lifestyle I have the right to an opinion-just as you have the right to keep living your lifestyle. Living whatever lifestyle you want— is another freedom American soldiers have fought for. If you start taking away freedom of speech-what’s next?

If you value freedom of speech, the next time you hear how someone is under attack for something they said-even if you disagree—I hope you find value they can voice their opinion.

I hope you bold, brave Americans have the guts to stand up when someone wants to shut you up. I will. It’s my job.

Since when are people perfect anyways? I’m sure each one of us has had a misstep or insert foot in mouth moment that we said something we knew we shouldn’t have.

Countless men and women have fought for America’s rights—one being freedom of speech. America has fought too hard to let such rights fall by the wayside. America is supposed to be the leader of the free world, and it’s our job as Americans to protect such rights.

This means if someone says something you don’t like—get over it!

Or move to North Korea-and if you say something they don’t like—you may face death by dog.