Source: Sherman Publications

Clear Lake girls sell V-Day candy grams to fight cancer

by Trevor Keiser

February 19, 2014

Clear Lake Elementary fourth-graders Kristina Myers and Maya Roper raised more than $200 for the American Childhood Cancer Organization by selling Valentine’s candy grams for $1 each last week.

“We feel really proud to be able to raise that much,” Roper said.

“We didn’t think it was possible (to raise that much),” added Myers. “We thought we would make over $100, but not $200.”

The girls came up with the idea after their teacher, Jennifer Trombly, had told the class last month that she was growing her hair out in order to donate it for cancer wigs because she recently had a friend lose all of her hair while fighting breast cancer.

That discussion led to all the girls in class deciding to grow their hair and have a cutting event sometime this spring.

However, Myers and Roper wanted to do more.

“We found this American Childhood Cancer Organization, because kids can’t fight cancer alone, so we thought that was a good one to donate to,” Myers said.

Once the girls decided on an organization to support, Trombly gave them the idea to do sell candy grams, something she did to raise money when she was in high school.

Part of their project included hanging signs in the lunchroom, making announcements over the PA system and speaking to different classrooms about what they were doing.

Each candy gram came with different lollipop and a paper heart with a personalized message to either another student or a teacher.

“I was very impressed (with) how they got it all together,” Trombly said. “I don’t know if that’s normal, but I think it’s above and beyond.”

As a part of Oxford Schools’ participation in the International Baccalaureate program, Trombly said whenever kids present an idea for a project, they’re encouraged to do it.

“The fact that they took such a serious idea and ran with it, I’m very impressed with them,” she said.

Myers said it’s something they would like to continue doing.

“We’re probably going to do this every year that we’re in this school and any school (we attend).”