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Wendi’s Word A column by Wendi Reardon
Cookies in season

March 05, 2014

We are only a few weeks away from the official beginning of spring - well according to the calendar.

From most people I have talked to, scratch that, from all the people I have talked to, they are ready for spring.

Even just the idea of spring.

I am ready for the sunshine and a tiny bit of warmth. I am ready to be outside. I don't mind being outside in the snow. It has just been too cold to really enjoy it.

I know when the snow starts melting it probably won't be as pleasant. All this snow has to go someplace. I can already picture flooding.

For Clarkston sports fans, spring begins next week for most of the teams as they start tryouts on Monday.

Maybe this season will be dryer for the athletes. There were a lot of postponed games and cancellations due to the wet weather from last year and it is already a short season for them.

A part of me feels like spring has already began - doesn't the beginning of Girl Scout selling their infamous cookies mark the beginning of the season.

I will admit I am not perfect. I have temptations. I have even bought a few boxes from the Girl Scouts (have to support the kids, right? Help them out and send them to camp, right?)

I had a few cookies - a few Samoas and a few Thin Mints (as in two) then I found other people to finish the box because I can't just put the box away. Keeping the box and hiding it only creeps into the mind. You know it's there and something needs to be done about it. Thus, give it away. Pass it on to someone else who can enjoy a few cookies.

Plus, it is okay to be bad once in a while. This is how I see it - I can get to the edge of the cliff and look over it. I just can't jump. Two cookies are alright. It's eating a whole box or a case where things go dangerously bad.

But it was weeks ago I had a Samoa and right now, I am sitting at my desk thinking about buying a box. I am really contemplating it. I am thinking about the toasted coconut, the drizzled chocolate and the caramel. Then, again a Thin Mint seems a little less dangerous (even if they do come in a long plastic sleeve and once you open the plastic it is all over with.) I don't want the whole box. Just a few more.

Who wants the rest of the box?