Source: Sherman Publications

City to explore costs of snow shoveling

March 19, 2014

With complaints from residents about sidewalks block by snow this past winter, Clarkston City Council is looking into enforcing sidewalk shoveling after snowstorms.

City Manager Carol Eberhardt asked the city council for direction during the March 10 meeting.

Eberhardt said she and Mayor Joe Luginski discussed issuing tickets, but were hesitant to issue fines.

She hand delivered “Be kind to your neighbor" letters to residents, and also reminded residents to keep sidewalks clear when she sent winter tax bills.

Throughout the winter, city DPW workers shoveled sidewalks for residents who cannot do it themselves, which includes some senior citizens.

Eberhardt said she is looking into programs that may help residents who cannot do the work themselves.

City resident Ann Clifton said she shovels her sidewalk, but plow trucks pile more snow on it.

“There have been times I have had to shovel the sidewalk three times,” she said.

Catallo said residents need to let the city know if they cannot take care of their sidewalks, and she would also like to know what it would cost for the city to clear all sidewalks.

Eberhardt said she is in the process of coming up with costs.

Current ordinance calls for sidewalks to be cleared within 24 hours. Offenders who do not clear sidewalks will be given a warning and could be billed if the DPW is forced to shovel the sidewalk.

-Staff Writer Andrea Beaudoin