Source: Sherman Publications

Spring is here, Dragons eager to get outside
Play ball, run and jump with junior varsity lacrosse team

March 19, 2014

Spring officially began this week, on March 20, and that means that spring sports at Lake Orion High School are underway.

Unfortunately, due to the vicious winter and all of the snow on the ground, the students who were looking forward to getting outside to practice their sports, have been stuck inside the gymnasiums and any other nook that can be found inside Lake Orion High School to practice.

The first games of the season were set to begin on Wednesday when the varsity boys’ lacrosse team was scheduled to play on the Lake Orion field that had nearly as much snow still on it as it did the green turf peeking through.

Students and coaches seemed excited that temperatures were going to rise into the 40s and they could get outside.