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Andrea's Anecdotes A column by Andrea Beaudoin
Strange theories

by Andrea Beaudoin

April 02, 2014

I love strange and unusual theories. I wrote a paper in college about ďThe Theory of EverythingĒ. also known as the String Theory. This theory seems to tie in many (about 50) different laws of physics harmoniously. It seems to explain it all. Under this theory, everything makes sense in the universe, everything is working in harmony vibrating on a flat membrane type surface.

It even talks about how matter is like strings that almost play off each other like strings of an instrument. This strange theory leads to the possibility of parallel worlds and multiple dimensions.All of it is made for science fiction stuff.

So strange the theories, scientists say there could be multiple versions of ourselves in these other dimensions. They propose there is one of you somewhere out in the universe that made a decision that resulted in a completely different life than you have now. But yet this you keeps living this life.

Even stranger, real scientists suggest there could be countless versions of ourselves out there.

It really does sound stranger than fiction. The universe really is strange. Far...far stranger than we can even begin to imagine.

Speaking of strange, I am just perplexed by the missing airplane. There are 26 nations out there trying to find it and poof... it just disappeared.

It disappoints me when they have no proof that the pilots did anything wrong, yet they throw them in the spotlight as the culprit. Perhaps they are the heroes.

In between all this interesting news, Iím trying not to freeze.

I canít take anymore of this cold weather. Iím lucky I did not freeze to death being on propane all winter. Out propane company ripped off out gate to the house and then charged 50 cents more per gallon than they had told us it would be.

Propane companies that gouged this winter when it was already painful--should be penalized.

Anyways, spring is in the air and nice days are almost here to stay. Time for spring cleaning. Get ready for more outdoor activities, beaches, camping, golfing and picnics. There will be those couple people that always complain itís just too hot!

By the way I loved the Taco Bell commercial where they found a bunch of Ronald McDonaldís to say they love Taco Bell breakfast.