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Ortonville Village
Ordinance #66 Cutting of Noxious Weeds

April 09, 2014


Ordinance #66 Cutting of Noxious Weeds

Village of Ortonville

Notice is hereby given that in accordance with the Village of Ortonville Code of Ordinances, all noxious weeds and/or grass that are a height of eight inches or more growing upon any property in the Village shall be cut down, destroyed or removed, as the case may be.

Any owner, occupant or agent who shall fall or refuse to comply will be subject to a $100 fine and the payment of costs incurred by the Village to remove the weeds and/or grass. This will constitute a lien against the land. The full text of the ordinance may be viewed on the Village website at

John K. Lyons

Village Manager

Publish in The Citizen 4-5-14