Source: Sherman Publications

Groveland Township road projects announced for 2014

by David Fleet

April 16, 2014

Groveland Twp.-The board of trustees moved forward on Monday night with two road improvement projects.

The board OK’d the graveling of 3.29 miles of Jossman Road north of Grange Hall Road.

“Every spring the Road Commission for Oakland County makes recommendations for upgrades to our roads,” said Bob DePalma, township supervisor. “They survey the roads in the township basing decisions on the most need.”

The gravel project will cost the township about $12,000.

The board also Ok’d paving approaches to three township intersections.

The projects include paving 680 feet back from Dixie Highway on Perryville Road, about 100 feet of Buckell Lake Road at Dixie Highway and 280 feet of Van Road at Grange Hall Road. All three projects will cost the township $93,018. The RCOC will do all the grading and prep work.

“The paving of approaches are needed due to motorists stopping and starting on that section of the road,” said DePalma. “Years ago the township began a long term project to pave every approach to paved roads from gravel (roads). However, in about 2009 we stopped due to a poor economy. We now have three left to do.”

“In addition, we have some great support for the (RCOC) Davisburg garage to get these projects done this summer,” he said. “We are dealing local with the paving and make the roads a lot safer, too.”

DePalma added that Groveland and Tripp roads are also in dire need of repair.

“We’ll find some federal dollars to fix both Groveland and Tripp roads,” he said. “They are getting worse and already rated “D-quality.”