Source: Sherman Publications

Golf coach expects much from veteran team

by Trevor Keiser

April 23, 2014

With all veteran returnee players, Coach Terry Kelley expects a lot out of his Boys Varsity Golf team.

“Our top four are absolutely solid and we have four fighting for those last two regular positions,” noted Kelley. “I look for us to do well in our league even though our league is going to be tougher this year than it’s ever been.”

Leading the charge are co-captains seniors J.J. Lewis and Doug Schultz.

“Both are excellent players, good students and great kids,” Kelley said.

Rounding out the “top four” players are junior Matt Prince and senior Rolly Giberson.

“Those boys, I am hopeful, will all average under 80 par this year,” added Kelley. “They were all just below or marginally just above 80 last year.”

He is also looking at “solid support” to come from senior Eric Curtis and juniors Drew Pappas, Logan Scott and Brian Biddle.

According to Kelley, the strength of the team lies in their experience.

“Our senior leadership is very good,” he said. “They are just skilled players, responsible students and a pleasure to work with.”

Because of numerous changes to their schedule due to cancellations and match reschedules due to weather, Kelley said his boys will only have a total of seven practices out the entire 18 matches scheduled.

“They are as ready to go as they can be given the screwy weather we’ve had, Easter Break being in a strange place (in the schedule) and the golf season being cut short by one week by the state,” he said.

As for the league, Kelley sees Bloomfield, Avondale, Troy Athens and Birmingham Seaholm all being good.

“We’re playing more tournaments this year than I think we’ve ever played and probably a better quality of tournaments that we’ve ever played before,” he added. “The kids have got a genuine challenge ahead of them.”

As always, Kelley said the goals of the team are high, such as winning the league which they’ve done the past two out of three years, as well as going undefeated in dual matches which they’ve also done the past couple years.

“We would like to finish in the top five in every tournament that we play in,” he said. “They’re going to face tough competition, but they’re a good team. Of course, we would like to win our league championship, get out of districts and regionals and go to states. We want to finish as high as we possibly can in the state tournament, that’s always a goal.”

A personal goal for Kelley would be for some of his seniors to get recognition in post season balloting for individuals. He would also like to see the team score below 155 par in every dual match and around 300 part at every tournament.

“Those are lofty goals and we set our goals weekly,” Kelley said. “But in terms of seasonal goals that pretty much covers it.”