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May 28, 2014

School tech grant

Clarkston schools has a $60,000 Technology Readiness Infrastrructure Grant with a June 30 expiration date. Administration presented a plan to the Board of Education, May 19, to use it to buy a new firewall for the district.

The Fortinet Firewall, including hardware, license certificates, backups, and delivery, would cost $56,445.74.

Installing a new firewall has been a top technology priority for the district, said Superintendent Dr. Rod Rock. The school board will discuss the issue in June, scheduling a special meeting if required.

Vocation program OK'd

Clarkston School Board voted unanimously, May 19, to approve the purchase of a new vocational curriculum for $24,685.

The Practical Assessment Exploration System will provide work and life skill training for students at Clarkston High School as well as the district's post-secondary program. Units will include Computer Technology, Constrruction/Industrial, Processing/Production, Consumer/Service, and Business/Marketing.

Funds come from special education grants and district special education funds.

Extra days for

Bailey Lake El

Bailey Lake Elementary will be in session for two half days more than the rest of the district this school year, June 11 and 12.

All buildings had 10 cancelled snow days, three more than allowed by the state. Bailey Lake had additional power outage days, so fell two more days short.

June 10, the last half day for the rest of the district, is a half day for Bailey Lake as well.

The state government passed House Bill 4295, but it does not apply to Clarkston. The bill only affects districts exceeded 175 days in 2009-10, re-setting their threshold to 174. Clarkston is already below that, at 172 days.

However, the House Bill lowers the attendance percentage required for Make Up Days from 75 percent to 60 percent.