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Andrea's Anecdotes A column by Andrea Beaudoin
Just the facts

by Andrea Beaudoin

June 11, 2014

Some say stories in The Clarkston News about all the issues happening in the City of the Village of Clarkston are nothing but negative. But we have just reported the facts, and the things going on are negative.

A local leader has made comments implying I am personally at fault for ruining her life with the stories written. I am just doing my job, and reporting on issues the community needs to know about.

It is not easy to do this job. It is not easy to put feet to the fire when things go awry. I wish all news stories were good news, but they are not.

If you are in a position of leadership, it would make many a job easier if you do the right things. Leaders should know you cannot delete public records. If you donít even know that, perhaps you should not be doing the job at all. Public records belong to the citizens of the community.

As a newspaper, the watchdog of the area, itís our job to make sure our leaders are doing things in the best interest of the community. That is not being done for Clarkston.

Another thing I find ironic is Clarkstonís attorney is just racking up big bills for all the issues that have gone on, yet it took months (and a really bad story) for any kind of response to a citizen and his attorney.

Attorneys are supposed to protect clients right? Rather than advising his client to issue a simple apology, the issue was ignored and the city could be sued.

One attorney told me the proper thing to do would be to issue a statement declaring comments made by the city manager do not reflect the views of the city. This would have been a simple task, and then CNews would not have had to go to such great lengths and force action.

It took a bad story about inaction and deleted records, for the client and his attorney to get any response at all. I even went into City Hall to warn this was going to happen, but could be prevented. I was told this was somehow a personal issue between the leader and me.

The citizenís attorney is also under the impression that the city attorney is unaware of issues. Yet again, thousands of dollars in bills are being racked up. So, please, attorney, donít try to plead ignorance. Protect the city and do the right thingĖissue the right advice and quit ignoring the issues. Unless the right thing is done, and soon, the fire will get much hotter.