Source: Sherman Publications

Awards for Springfield Parks and Recreation

July 23, 2014

Jennifer Tucker, director of Parks and Recreation for Springfield Township, is proud of the work they do.

The department also received state recognition – Michigan Recreation and Parks Association awards for 2014 Best Single Brochure, Best Special Brochure, Park Leadership Award and 2014 Best Nature Program.

The awards were presented at the July 10 Springfield Township Board meeting by Ann Conklin, chief operating executive for Michigan Recreation and Parks Association.

The 2013 spring and summer brochure won 2014 Best Single Brochure with its local pictures, layout, information about wildlife and conservations, and overall quality.

“We are proud of that particular brochure,” Tucker said. “It was something that people could refer to often.”

The Davisburg Heritage Festival tri-fold brochure won MRPA’s Best Special Brochure. Moreau Creative laid both of those brochures out.

“Those brochures were able to capture the flavor of Springfield,” said Tucker. “We were lucky to have Moreau Creative work with us on two parks brochures.”

Tucker was awarded the Parks Leadership Award for her contributions in environmental stewardship, maintenance, equipment management and resource development. Her work preserving the parks with minimal budget was also recognized.

The Monarch Butterfly Festival won the 2014 Best Nature Program for bringing attention to the decline of the monarch butterflies in a unique way, which made it recognizable.

“People loved the festival,” said Tucker.

With a small budget, winning the four awards highlights what the Springfield Township Parks and Recreation can do, the director said.

“We’re lucky to have a fantastic staff,” she said. “Everyday is a great day to come into work.”

– Laura DuCharme