Source: Sherman Publications

ABeanToGo plans to open downtown in September

August 13, 2014

By Katie Winkler

Review Staff Writer

From roasting coffee beans in the basement of their Oxford home, to opening their first commercial shop in Goodrich, Lake Orion will become a new home to ABeanToGo at 16 W. Flint Street.

ABeanToGo has come a long way since it opened in 2003, after founder and owner Kirk Walker came up with his one-of-a-kind name for his coffee company.

“I was praying one morning asking God for a name that no one else would ever think of. [ABeanToGo] came to my head the second I stopped praying.”

Walker and his wife built a “coffee shop” in their home’s basement for a wholesale business. When they needed more space, the couple rented a location in Ortonville where they roasted coffee beans before packaging them at home and shipping them off to various wholesale operations.

“That got old very quickly, so we started looking for commercial buildings,” Walker said.

Walker opened their first ABeanToGo store in Goodrich in 2006, where their company grew at least 20 percent per year, according to Walker.

Their fresh roasted coffee was shipped to estaurants, grocery stores, theaters, MTV and Tyler Price Studios.

Because of what he said is a lack of competition in the area, Walker believes his company will “explode” once they open in downtown LO.

The store will include a solid maple, high top, bar and normal style tables, couches and wifi access.

“I can’t wait to give this neighborhood what it deserves,” Walker said, which would be delicious and fresh coffee.

The menu will traditional items, house coffee, cappuccinos, and smoothies, along with their own signature items.

The “Beez-Knees” beverage is a latte style drink that is smooth and creamy. Walker said, “There isn’t anything else like it.”

ABeanToGo also offers Typhoon’s, which would be comparable to other coffee shops Frappuccino’s.

A variety of loose-leaf tea, from Minnesota’s Tea Source, and an “unbelievable” pour over system, according to Walker, will be available.

“Goodrich has always been really good for us, but it is a smaller community,” Walker said. “I always promised myself I would get to a downtown or somewhere by a college. I believe this is a great fit because there are many things around here that can help us do that.”

ABeanToGo plans to open their doors by mid-September.