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To The Editor: Every once ...

To The Editor:

Every once in a while, a point of view so breathtakingly ignorant in its scope gets your attention. Kudos to Ms. Beltramo for showcasing her contempt for: township ordinances, voter ID laws, national security, elderly Caucasian males, morality and God, celebrating the marginalization of all of them. Apparently Bonnie thinks only white people can easily obtain proper documentation, but she’s not a racist. One has to wonder how many people noticing her smug contempt for gender, race and Judeo-Christian worldview are her neighbors and relatives, not to mention lumping women, skin color and a behavioral practice choice all together as having equal degrees of legitimacy. Gay is not the new Black.

Ms. Beltramo is free to molest and maul the definitions of free speech and the rule of law with lawlessness and immorality as flippantly as she pleases; I will choose real free speech by advocating for the euphemistic “Father knows best” principles that make it possible for such speech in the first place. This may be painful for an angry oikophobic mind to comprehend, but most of us won’t take her sage advice that we leave our IDs behind when we hit the polls Nov 6. Law abiding voters will gladly and with gratitude present the proper identification necessary to prove we are who we say we are, that we legally live in the precinct we vote in and pay taxes there, and that voter abuse is not committed by subversive or criminal elements. It’s a common sense safety, accuracy and civil rights measure, even if some self-proclaimed intellectuals fail to understand it. It’s in the best interest of the voters and (gasp!) the best interests of our amazing country.

We believe in and unapologetically support our nation’s sovereignty. We believe in the motto: “God Bless the United States”. So she wants “lusty barroom brawl”; how about first she try comprehensive understanding about what America’s destiny actually is. I’m assuming that Bonnie is not a 20-year-old 1.9-GPA carrying party monster who recently joined the socialist student group on campus. Old age can be a wonderful thing; generally it comes with depth, wisdom and the wish to see already good things preserved and improved. Celebrating destruction is a condition generally favored by people who only grow old but don’t grow up. Jails and prisons are filled with destructionist idealists; so are terrorist camps. Blessings to Bonnie as she “evolves” in her arrested development journey.


Tamara Itoney-Carden

12362 Coolidge

Goodrich, MI 48438

Tamara Itoney-Carden
October 10, 2012

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