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I have never written a letter ...

I have never written a letter to Sherman Publications or any other news paper but today I do. About 6 months ago I purchased a house in Groveland Township since day one I have enjoyed being in the community and consider the area a great place to live. What I didn't expect was the warm welcome from everyone. Although my house was broken into shortly after moving in and a significant set back it was I have had nothing but a great experience with everyone in the community. My neighbor and owner of Wiltse's Auto Paint in Waterford was there to assist me the same day as the break in with installing a new front door. He did the entire installation and it was done very well. A special thanks to Him and his family. My other neighbor Jim owner of Enhanced Outdoor Services Inc who took care my lawn care all summer after seeing me cutting my 2.5 acre lot with a 24 inch push mower at no charge. Some day I can only hope that they will call on me for assistance and I can repay that debt. Along with Willis my neighbor across the street they have all kept and eye on my home while I am away to insure that no one else will break into my home.

My most recent experience was yesterday with Harrison Hoe Inc I was referred to them by a couple different people and was not disappointed at all. The price for the work that was done was very reasonable and A.J. who came to my house and took care of my septic system was knowledgeable at what he was doing and did an excellent job.

Finally, Tom's Carpet Cleaning cleaned the entire house carpet and it was obvious to me that his crew took great pride in going the extra mile for a customer.

Even with the break-in I see and feel the community environment and am glad to be a part of it. Again thanks for the warm welcome and I encourage all readers to use local business's they are the life blood of this community and do great work.

Ron Bray
November 28, 2012

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