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While I was not at the meeting and the official minutes have not yet been released, I believe your news brief is incorrect in stating that the Clarkston City Council formed a committee to find a new City Manager. It is my understanding that the "committee" was formed privately and met in secret, without the knowledge or official approval of the Council and public, or at least there is not public record to the contrary. It is possible they were formed in secret by the Council but that would be an open and obvious violation of the State Open Meetings Act. It is my understanding that this committee has already met for serveral months, created a transition plan and a description of what they want in a City Manager. This was provided to the City Council at the last meeting but not to the public and the City Attorney advised them that they should not take any action on this matter since he had not seen the information and the Council had just received it. I would have to listen to the recording again but I don't believe the Council took any official action to create or define a committee at this meeting which means there is still no official committee exists to do anything. Not that anyone will care.

Cory Johnston
January 24, 2013

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    News in brief, new City Manager
    January 25, 2013 | 08:15 PM

    By my reading, this is a direct violation of City Charter section 4.24 as there has been no official consent of the council for this action. I doubt anyone will care about this either and like most actions of the Council, they will approve it after the fact, if they bother at all.

    Cory Johnston
    Village of Clarkston
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