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Goodrich Schools: Sports, Transportation ...

Goodrich Schools: Sports, Transportation or Academics?

Which one is more important to you? Iím assuming many of you will automatically say, ďOf course academics are the most important component of any school,Ē but the sad reality is that not many parents in this district behave accordingly. Our MEAP scores are too low for a district like Goodrich. Based on our socioeconomic status, we should be better. As an educator myself, I try not to place too much value on standardized tests but data is data and we need to accept our current reality as a struggling school and do everything possible to move forward. I attended the most recent board meeting and was one of three parents in attendance. How many people do you think will attend the next basketball game or wrestling meet? If the district needs to reduce busing routes, how many parents will be up there complaining? It appears as if our community only cares about athletics, transportation and food. I do not believe this to be true, but perception is reality. This sad reality is a contributing factor in our academic decline. Administrators have been not been proactive to the changes and expectations in education and teachers are just following their lead. I have met with the new Superintendent and respect his vision for getting Goodrich back on track, but he needs our help and support.

Goodrich parents, we need to be more proactive. Join and revamp the PTO. Volunteer in your childís over populated classrooms. Not just as the person who makes copies but work with reading groups or assist with formative assessments. Hopefully the teachers will welcome this assistance. Make sure all homework is complete and turned in on time. Pay attention to the changes in education. The common core curriculum and smarter balanced assessments are not an option for us and they are going to be even more challenging for our students. (Google these if you are unsure of what they are). Contact our Governor, Senators and House of Representative members and tell them that the financial cuts in education are having a direct negative effect on student success. We have 28-30 kids in a kindergarten classroom. We have a fleet of buses that are almost to the point of not being safe, yet we canít afford new ones. Two custodians were let go at the last board meeting because we do not have the money. Just get involved! If you do not care about academics then at least think about the decline in your property values that will take place. Families do not want to move to communities with struggling schools.

Amanda Hoffman

Amanda Hoffman
January 30, 2013

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