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Most of the civilized industrialized world has UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE COVERAGE of some sort as a matter of natural right to its citizenry. We in the U.S. believe that Health Care Coverage for its citizenry is a matter of wealth and privilege and is available only to those who have the cash to pay for it OR work for an employer that has the cash to pay for it.

UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE COVERAGE for EVERY U.S. CITIZEN (not illegal's) coupled WITH the ability for every citizen to purchase GAP coverage from the private sector that the universal plan does not cover if they so choose should be a right of citizenship and not a privilege available only to those who can afford to pay.

Providing anything short of that is simply allowing someone (Washington politicians OR the U.S. Insurance Industry to decide which citizens live and which ones die due to lack of insurance (currently numbering in the tens of thousands per year if we believe the media). Let's be humane on behalf of our own citizens EVEN if we may have to pay a bit more individually to achieve this goal. Let's take the money currently being squandered in this country and really put it to productive, healthy use. Doesn't that make more sense?

This does not need to be real complicated.

One would think that we could simply FIX what is currently wrong with MEDICARE in the first place and THEN provide that to every US Citizen in the country instead of those currently 65 and older.

To hell with the Insurance companies that have been taking advantage of us for years and reaping huge unrealistic profits while US citizens die by the tens of thousands every year do to lack of health care coverage.

We pay for schools when we have do not have kids ourselves. We pay for basic retirement income for others while we are working and then trust that others will step up and do the same for us when we retire (PONZI scheme?)

Insurance Companies have other kinds of insurance they can sell without making these current decisions that end up killing thousands of Americans each year because they deny coverage for a specific illness or condition OR deny health care insurance in the first place. The private sector should have been taken out of this loop YEARS and YEARS ago.

Any politician (House, Senate or President) who does not support UNIVERSAL HEALTH COVERAGE (Democrat, Republican or Independent will get voted out of office if I had my choice).

The main function of government that makes any sense to me is to make the lives of it's voting citizens a more productive and secure citizenry.

Deciding who lives and who dies based on wealth and privledge is just wrong.

Providing for an education and basic survival income based on the same principles was right when those entitlement programs were created and it is just as right when it comes to health care.

Responsibility always comes at a price. Many of us would be willing to pay a reasonable price to insure basic and fair treatment that we really are entitled to if we truly believe in "Equality and Justice For All."

Dave Cleveland


Dave Cleveland
March 08, 2010

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    Universal Everything?
    March 11, 2010 | 01:47 PM

    Why should healthcare be the one and only universal entitlement of being an American citizen? Why not universal housing, food, clothing? You really can't be healthy without a proper roof over your head, food in your belly or clothing on your back.
    Mr. Cleveland, look at the current state of Medicare which is government run healthcare and tell everyone that this is what you wish for all of us. It's near bankrupt, rife with fraud and causing hospitals like the Mayo Clinic to turn patients away because the payments don't cover cost. There are other things that can be done to make healthcare more affordable. The last thing should be handing the management of it over to the government. You mention having to buy "gap insurance" for things that universal coverage does not cover. How fair is that? You think a 5% profit margin is unrealistic? Wait until the government bureaucracy get's involved. It will 50% waste.

    Dennis Marker
    Oxford Twsp.
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    universal healthcare RE: Dennis Marker comment of 3-11-10
    November 07, 2010 | 02:27 PM

    its november, but mr marker's comment appears on todays site.
    universal Everything? you want a free house, free everything? Get real. health is no 1. you sound like the users & losers that want everything handed to them. Those that WANT i.e., take take take...should be greatful for what they Have, & ask only what they Need. my family has spent more of our lives without health care; i've worked 3 part-time jobs to survive.
    IF you are healthy, mow a lawn or shovel some snow. I have. it paid for groceries. note to editor: just a comment, sloppyly typed. plz edit if published

    Dorothy Parker
    oxford now davisburg
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