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arrowre: Guest Column: 'He begged us not to send him back'

I am so sorry Nik has had to struggle like this and it breaks my heart to read his story. It could have easily been my family's story. The follow-up "More on bulling in Lake Orion, speaks of 'surviving the wild' and safety in numbers. I would like to comment on both.

I am the parent of dual-exceptional student who survived 'the wild' and learned to fight back. In your article, you wrote "Who likes the kid who comes in with "nerd" written all over him?" THE OTHER NERDS !!! It is a good thing you dont have to go far to find this group in LO Schools. They are on the track, hanging out in the band room, participating in debate, science olympiad, chess club, First Robotics, MTS, computer gaming, etc. LO was wonderful serving this population with the number of AP offerings besides supporting the before/after school communities. These enabled a sense of belonging which is key to survival and provides the strength to fight back.

I would also like to remind you and other parents that are discouraged from the response of a building's administrators. As a parent, you can always contact the superindent's office, school board, The Oakland County Intermediate School District or the state of michigan department of education.

lo dweller
January 09, 2011

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    Guest Column "Nik"
    January 18, 2011 | 05:22 PM

    As I read the original story and the reply, I felt a need to speak up. It is NOT just Lake Orion that this happens, it happens all over in all types of schools. My child was bullied mercifully in a Lake Orion Catholic school and Admin there ALSO did nothing. We as parents, community members and concerned citizens need to keep Bullying at the forefront and fight for all our children's rights. They should feel safe at school wherever they go. Children can suffer physically, mentally and emotionally from this kind of behavior, I know all too well. You did the right thing by pulling your child out, maybe MORE parents should do that to send a message to schools, administrators, and perpetrators!

    LO parent
    Lake Orion
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