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Is This Really What Goodrich Needs? As ...

Is This Really What Goodrich Needs?

As I watched the progress to the building on State Road where the Rite Aid and the IGA stores used to be, I was excited for new retail stores to move into Goodrich. No one has been happy since those two great local businesses moved out and left empty buildings. And I think everyone was glad to see the short-lived Savon “grocery store” leave. But when I drove by last week and saw the huge yellow DOLLAR GENERAL sign, my excitement quickly deflated.

Add this to the Flea Market that opened up last month in the spot formally occupied by Jan’s, and you have the beginning to the end. Is this really what Goodrich needs? I will be the first to admit abandoned buildings are worse, but these types of businesses are not helping our community.

We need a grocery store, a drug store, a florist, and more good restaurants. We need small retail stores so our entire town doesn’t have to go into Grand Blanc in order to buy simple essentials.

My family moved to Goodrich over twenty years ago to find a small, charming town where we could proudly send our children to public school. Over the years, Goodrich has not changed much, and I’m fine with that.

But flea markets and dollar stores? Is that really how we want people to think of Goodrich? We need to be more careful and more selective about the businesses that move into our area, or will we end up being just another run-down Flint suburb, and not the great, small, close-knit community we currently are.

A Concerned Goodrich Resident
April 11, 2012

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    Is this really what Goodrich needs
    April 22, 2012 | 09:27 AM

    First of all you can't even sign your name on the letter. (I thought all letters had to be signed) Maybe you should check the store out before making negative comments. If you checked things out you would know that a drug store will be opening soon,and the village is trying to get a grocery store in the plaza.

    Nancy Morey
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