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Show Some Support
May 08, 2012 | 10:50 AM

The individual who wrote this response letter obviously cares about those who are a part of the Brandon School District, students, teachers, and parents included. The only solution offered in the original article that made sense as far as keeping our teachers, custodians, and those who we entrust to help groom our children into outstanding new citizens was to decrees the budget by 10%. I propose we take it a step farther and maybe even increase the percentage in which we decrees the budget. The teachers have been asked to take pay freezes and even cuts year after year. They have also been asked to increase the amount they pay for the insurance. We cannot keep taking from the individuals who we have intrusted with our children. Maybe this means that we might loose funding for certain extra curricular activities but I would rather sacrifice these areas than loose academic chances for our children. If you want to show support for your communities school staff I urge you to go to the meeting on May 10th at the central office building and voice your concerns and or objections to the cutting of teachers, custodians, and school staff.

B. Banner

Bruce B