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Letters to the Editor
January 24, 2013 | 10:28 PM

On occassion I have strongly disagreed with the Powells and at other times agreed with their opinions. In both cases, I have found their letters to be well researched and well written which I assume are some of the reasons they are published. Many, but not all, of my letters have been published and rumor has it that I have some in with the local paper. I don't think so, they certainly do not pay me anything and in fact I pay them to subscribe to their paper. In the case of the Powells and others, it might be that they submit letters with some content which is probably another good attribute for having them printed. As for the Powells not reflecting the majority of residents, that's what elections are for, not opinion letters. I for one like to read other opinions whether I agree with them or not and it is one of the reasons I subscribe to the Clarkston News.

Cory Johnston
City of the Village of Clarkstn