Source: Sherman Publications

Rick Gutowski was right
April 23, 2014 | 07:13 AM

It looks like Rick Gutowski was right about the Clintonville Rd. ramp costs. The $1200 paid to Hubble, Roth and Clark for the ramp graphic (page 22 of last weeks Clarkston News) already has proven that the reply from Supervisor Kittle in this story is false. "The township supervisor said the study is free."

The $1200 graphic on page 21 of last weeks edition looks like something a Clarkston kindergarten student could have made in about ten minutes. It's very cheap and unprofessional looking for $1200!

Supervisor Kittle said that the "SEMCOG study has ZERO incremental cost " (page 22). Increments are units, or stages. What will the second SEMCOG study "increment" cost taxpayers?

The reason I bring this up is trust...$1200 isn't "free". That promise has already been broken!
Can we really trust the promise that an I-75 exit ramp isn't being considered when we've already been lied to about this?

Mr. Kittles "relief valve" has a direct correlation to the proposed hospital that he supports that will bring huge amounts of traffic onto Sashabaw road.
We don't want, nor do we need a hospital and the traffic it will bring to Sashabaw Rd. Trying to shift that traffic into our neighborhood is unacceptable!

Michael Powell
Independence Twp.